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What is PinPoint?

PinPoint Travel Calendar™ is a web-based application that keeps track of where your mobile employees are - or where they have been. Why is this important? Because companies can easily miss key tax, immigration or legal milestones when employees are working in a different location. PinPoint solves this problem with alerts and reports that warn you when a compliance threshold is near.

Employees can easily “check in” while traveling using either their mobile devices or a computer. PinPoint uses geo-location to keep the process very simple and remembers common locations for the employee.

How it helps admins

PinPoint provides a robust administrative interface that allows administrators the ability to easily track thresholds for tax and immigration purposes, review employee locations and run reports. Some of the administrative features include:

  • Ability to View Employees Calendars
  • Track Time Spent in Different Countries
  • Run and Save Reports
  • Load Your Employees From a Spreadsheet
  • Create Custom Screens and Fields
  • Get Automatic Alerts For Key Events

What does it Cost

We are offering a free trial for up to 100 of your employees for at least 90 days. Give it a try with a small group of your mobile employees and see what you think!

If you are a flagship user of the trial version we will offer you special discounts once we release the full production version. You will also be notified of all of the great new features (we have a LOT planned), and your feedback will allow us to make the product even better.

Sign up now and get started!